Maestro Baleff conducts the Asia Tour with Diana Damrau 2017 and the Europian Tour with Thomas Hampson 2018
The Bulgarian conductor Pavel Baleff was born in 1970. In 1988 he conducted his first concert. In 1993 he received the Bulgarian Radio prize for the best young musician and produced radio and television recordings with the leading orchestras in the country.
Since 1995 Pavel Baleff has been a participant in the Conductors Forum of the German Music Association. In 1996 Pavel Baleff won the 1st Prize in the International competition Carl Maria von Weber in Munich prize winner concert with the Munich radio Orchestra in the Hercules Hall of the palace) and in 1999 he won the conducting competition of the German music schools in Weimar with the Herbert von Karajan – Foundation. In 2003 Pavel Baleff won the renowned Bad Homburg conductor award – one of the highest German conductor honours.
Since December 1998 Pavel Baleff has been the Musical Director of the Dresden Chamber Opera. In September 1999 he was given the position of 1st conductor at the Rostock Opera. An 2000 he was made musical director for the length of the season. Since 2002 Pavel Baleff has worked as first conductor and deputy General Music Director at the opera in Halle.